Mutual Aid Network

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This is a request form for groups. Our Individual Request Form has been temporarily closed to respond to backlog of requests.

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Request a box that contains 30-40lbs of food including fruits and/or vegetables and canned or dry food. Food boxes are supported by Oregon Food Bank and delivered by the PDX Mutual Aid Network.

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Offer support or help make deliveries.

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Finances Accountability.

The Portland COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network was formed in March of 2020 to meet the needs of our community.

The Portland COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network is a horizontally organized group of volunteers who are coordinating, purchasing, and delivering food and essential supplies to community members in need of this service. We center those who are typically targeted and marginalized under capitalism such as people who are sick, unhoused, quarantined without pay, sex workers, elderly, undocumented, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, refugees and immigrants, trans and/or queer. Vetted dispatchers match volunteers with requesters to pick up and deliver items ranging from food requests to pharmaceutical pickups. We can cover the cost of these deliveries up to $50/person. We also manage several food box deliveries each week to efficiently get food to where it's needed.

Information about our finances are here. You can visit the original GoFundMe Fundraiser (now closed) by clicking here.

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